About Herr Zimmerman

The extravagant parties, wide-ranged themes and unique techno-sound of the alien cat Herr Zimmerman, are a common face in the Dutch dance scene. 10 years already TanzMan and Fraulein Z organize these popular parties. They’ve grown from a small obscure underground club to an adult party-production-house and techno label. Welcome to Herr Zimmerman techno-electro record label, music and unique extravert underground techno party! ‘Herr Zimmerman’ is the name of the alien Katze. Like Herr Zimmerman on Facebook, and/or start receiving his newsletter.


The concept

Herr Zimmerman is created by two innovating & creative DJ’s, Fraulein Z & TanzMan. Herr Zimmerman parties are a crazy mix of creativity, openmindedness, an amazing atmosphere and incredible electronic dance muzik!
Experience the incredible sound of many surprising international DJ’s, resident TanzMan, and last but not least: The amazing techno sets of Fraulein Z.



Please contact us via info@HerrZimmerman.eu


Party location

Factory 010, Rotterdam
Maashaven Zuidzijde 1-2, 3081 AE