Sat. 11 Nov.

No,… , You are not hallucinating..., or maybe you will be at Herr Zimmerman’s Amazing Absinth Party!,… on Saturday 11th of November!
Yesss,…The Spacer Techno Katze is throwing a real Absinth Party! – Don’t miss it,.. and you might even experience the Green Fairy on the DanceFloor!...:-)

Absinth was originally developed by a French doctor as a health tonic prior to the 1800's...  Mystery swirled around the spirit and it became legendary, thanks to the rumors of absinthe’s hallucinogenic qualities... And, as modern historians dug into the case against absinth, the truth set the spirit free and countries began lifting the bans.  Absinthe became famous among Artists, Poets, and Intellectuals after 1850… and off course Herr Zimmerman was there too! :-)… One of the most famous examples was the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh cutting of his ear, so is said,.. after drinking too much Absinth!... , but more over: Amazing creative and scandalous parties were organized with it, ... until it was forbidden in the 19th century…  Read more about Absinth here!

On Saturday 11th of November Herr Zimmerman will bring back the mysterious Absinth Party during an amazing techno night, headlining Techno Fairy’s such as KLAUDIA GAWLAS (Mod Credo,DE), and FRAULEIN Z  (Herr Zimmerman, NL).


Main Room:
Klaudia Gawlas (DE)
Fraulein Z (NL)
TanzMan (NL)

Extra Hallucinogenic Room:
KAIN b2b The Viking!

Hallucinating Visuals by Syncman!

Date: Saturday 11 November
Open: 23:00 - 05:00
Location: Factory 010
Adres: Maashaven Zuidzijde 1, Rotterdam

Tickets:  www.HerrZimmerman.eu/presale